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expertise in supporting real estate investors

At Astro Properties, we are proud of our expertise in supporting real estate investors with their real estate decisions.

We start by understanding your requirements and your investment objectives. Whether you are a developer looking to develop or renovate properties to create appreciation, or you have a focus on creating long term income through rental returns, or any combination of these two objectives, we will scout for the locations, property developments and individual properties that meet your objectives.

Astro Properties will liaise with sellers and with developers to identify the real estate opportunity that is right for you. We will conduct an independent survey of the location, the project or property and of market conditions. Astro Properties does all of this to help you find the right investment and then we continue to assist you during the transaction to purchase your desired property, negotiating on your behalf to get the best price and contractual conditions.

Every property comes with opportunities and challenges, we will help you to identify the opportunities that can be exploited to your advantage and help you find creative and innovative solutions that a property may present. 

We also assist you with all the documentation and complying with government formalities.

At Astro Properties, we see working with you as a partnership that starts with the search for your ideal property, continues through to closing the deal with your signature, and beyond to a variety of other services. We can also assist with the management of your investment portfolio, including the periodic analysis of your existing holdings and of changing market conditions.